Bishopbriggs Triathlon

You really couldn’t get a better day to race on, unlike normal the weather conditions at Bishopbriggs were fantastic.

We had 4 people racing in the 13-14yr age group; Andrew, Neil, Lauren and Kym.

Neil came out the pool in 3rd place and as him and Andrew are normally about the same swim speed I was expecting to see him follow but there was no sign.  Andrew had missed the float being put in the pool as he was passing someone and swam an extra 2 lengths.

Lauren and Kym came out shortly after and every was away safely on their bikes.

By the end of the 10km 2 bike laps Andrew had moved up into 2nd and Neil was in 4th in the boys race.

The front boys all headed out on the run course and then got sent the wrong way by the marshal on the canal path.  The first 6 boys all ran the 5km  adult route as they couldn’t be caught before the turnaround marker.  Andrew did well to make it back up into 3rd place against people who had run 3km!  Neil still finished well with eth extra distance.

The girls had mixed fortunes with Lauren struggling on the run and finishing 4th and Kym struggling on the bike but finished strongly on her run.