Club La Santa 2018

Club La Santa 2018

Day 1 – Let the training begin

Everyone was up bright and early on Monday to catch to our flight at 6:10am. We arrived in Lanzarote at 11:30 and got the bus to Club La Santa. We got off the bus, went to a rooms and ran down to lunch (because we couldn’t miss the food!)
After lunch it was straight out to the track for our first session of the big week coming up. It was very hot but we all managed to get through it…just. We then headed off to the pool for a quick swim before dinner time.

Day 2 – First bike ride in the wind of Lanzarote

We were up early again so we could fit in lots of breakfast before our first big cycle. Most of us did a 70km loop from Club La Santa to Teguise,to Haria and back. Cameron and Andrew managed to keep going and rounded up to the 100km cycle. The wind was blowing hard and it made going down the hills even scarier and up the hills even slower. We got back for lunch then it was off to the lagoon for a quick open water swim where our wetsuits were definitely not needed. We were all far too hot!
To finish off the day we did a quick half hour trail run in the sun.

Day 3 – Green Team triathlon

Of course it wouldn’t be a triathlon camp without a triathlon! We were all up and ready to compete in the Green Team Triathlon at 8:00 on Wednesday morning. We all set up, got our chips and it was into the cold, outdoor pool. We had to swim 400m, cycle 14km as 7km uphill, 7km downhill and run 4.5km from Club La Santa to La Santa and back.
First out the swim was Louise MacArthur handing over to Neil Hepburn for the relay team, she was followed by Andrew Rolland competig solo then Ailsa MacArthur and shortly followed by Sarah Fyffe with all the rest closely behind. The bike was tough with the uphill at the start and then coming back down into the wind but everyone pushed through and kept going. Then it was onto the run also with a small hill then back into the wind to the finish line.  
In the end Andrew Rolland and Lauren Dickson were 1st, Rosie Mitchell came 3rd and the relay team of Louise, Neil and Maisie Evans came 3rd.
We may have already done a triathlon but the training didn’t stop there. We went on an hour easy run around the lagoon and then finished the day off with an easy open water swim. Everyone was Knackered.
At night we played a 9 hole team mini golf tournament. Congratulations to Sarah Fyffe and Harry Henrickson on their win 🙂

Day 4 – Rest day

A much needed rest day. We all got up a little later for breakfast and then straight after it was time for the most competitive session of the week. Beach Volleyball. We split into with about 10 on each side and still couldn’t keep a very good rally going. Let’s just say we should all stick to triathlon.
Next it wasa cycle to Famara for a surf at the beach. With it being so windy the sand got everywhere but that didn’t stop the surfing. The waves were big and it was the perfect chance to show off surfing skills. I say once again, we will stick to triathlon.
We finished off our day off with an Aerial Relaxation Class where we lay down in hammocks and listened to a story. Well most of us did, whilst the others fell asleep.

Day 5 – El Golfo

Up again at 7:am for another long cycle, the 72km loop passing through El Golfo for a quick yet disappointing ice cream stop. €5 for 2 scoops and not very creamy? Definately not worth it, but the sugar got up through the next part of the ride. The brutal wind blowing in our faces the whole way back made it even harder to get our legs moving so we could get up the hills and make it back in time for lunch. Luckily we did becuase food is what we all needed after that.
After lunch it was off to the pool for an easy swim being videoed on the go pro at different angles so that we could later watch the video and see any corrections needed to
That night the competitions began again with a very competitive padel tennis tournament. We had 10 different teams of 2 all competing against each other for the #1 spot, all playing their best. Our winners were Gregor Rolland and Ailsa MacArthur with Lauren Dickson and Harry Henrickson in a close 2nd.

Day 6 – Bricks

First on the agenda was a hard brick session. With the choice of doing either a 40km/20km bike and the wind still blowing hard we all knew that it was going to be tough but what could we do other than get on with it. On the way out the wind pushed us up the hills but on the way back it felt like we were all being pushed back. After the hard bike it was straight out onto the run round the lagoon also finishing into the hard wind. Overall it was a tough session but everyone put in the effort to complete.
Next up was transition practice, which arguably is one of the most important parts of triathlon and let me tell you, for some the practice was needed. It took a few attempts but by the end we were all doing our flying mounts and flying off our bikes.
We then headed off to the lagoon for some open water starts (all in our matching swimsuits) to get in some beach starts for some upcoming events. We finished off with races then headed off to tea.

Day 7 – Last day 🙁

The only way to finish off a triathlon camp was to do 2 triathlons in one day. We started off our first triathlon at 9:00 and as it was a super sprint distance we were all done by 10:00. We then had until 11:00 to prepare for another triathlon for the same distance and hopefully just as fast. Everyone completed the challenge and it may have tired us out but it was the last day so we could not stop just yet.  
For our last session we did an easy swim set focusing purely on technique, even if the wind blowing the water was making it a little harder but we were nearly done so we did it anyway.
As the day drew to a close we all gathered at dinner to give Kev and Kirst their presents for taking us away and looking after us for the week (Shoutout to Neil and Andrew for organising).

The whole week was great fun and we got in lots of hours of training and hardwork letting us become better athletes through our fitness and skills.

Thank you to Kev for organising the whole week and thanks to Kirst for looking after everyone, especially when they were sick!