Should We Change Saturday training

Whilst Forrester has been a good training location on a Saturday we have faced a high admin load in the background to continually make things work.  This has been particularly the case for running and cycling when sometimes you can use certain areas of astro or grass and other times you […]

European Age Groups Dusseldorf

My plans for Dusseldorf had been in place for months; fly to Dusseldorf for work on the Tuesday then stay for the weekend and race. Unfortunately work got in the way and I had to attend a Sales Meeting in Munich from the Monday – Wednesday.  Cue much worrying about […]

Knockburn Sprint Triathlon – 24 June 2017

This started when Coach Kev said that the Knockburn Tri’s are fantastic and that the Standard at the end of the season could be something to aim for (?!!!).  Luckily for me, the Knockburn Sprint came up while on the lookout for something to do in June and I figured […]

Bishopbriggs Triathlon

You really couldn’t get a better day to race on, unlike normal the weather conditions at Bishopbriggs were fantastic. We had 4 people racing in the 13-14yr age group; Andrew, Neil, Lauren and Kym. Neil came out the pool in 3rd place and as him and Andrew are normally about the […]

European Duathlon Championship 2017

Having travelled to Soria in Spain to represent Great Britain Age Group Team at the European Duathlon Championships 2017 I didn’t think I would we be starting a race report with a reference to the weather, at least not the severity of the weather. We had been monitoring the forecast […]

Gala Triathlon

Gala is always one of the popular sprint races due to the time of year as an early test for lots of athletes.  Normally the weather can effect the mainly off-road course condition on the run though this year the run course had been altered and the weather would just […]

2017 Scottish Duathlon Championships

High pressure over the Scotland meant for a beautiful sunny day on Saturday but the temperature dropped significantly over night and, coupled with the start of British summer time, the frost was laying thick when we left the house to pick up Roy at 6:30am on our way to the […]

CLS Day 2 – The Road to Tabayesco

When I first looked at Kev’s training schedule for the CLS week my first impression was “there’s no way we’ll manage to do all that!”.  But somehow we did most of the sessions, keen to take advantage of the warm weather, the amazing training facilities at Club la Santa and […]

Teguise-Haria-Tabayesco Day 3

  With a little more climbing planned for today and a valuable lesson learned on the nutrition front after a tough 10km end to a section the day before‎ into Teguise we set out at 9.15. Two water bottles, 550ml water, 700ml with a high 5 tablet, 2 gels, 1 […]