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    Cycling over a pleasant engagement can become addictive and make you want to spend a lot of time from our everyday life. Let’s not mention the enormous costs that accompany it, as the maintenance of a bicycle and the bicycle equipment are unfortunately quite high. Finally, your bike will eventually make you get lost from your friends and relatives as you disappear from your existing clubs in order to join more cycling groups.The worst of all, however, is that it “eliminates” you and your loved one, as you can get yourself spending more hours on the saddle and not in your partner’s arms.

    There is also a solution and that is to convince your partner to ride with you! Not all of the times we go on bike training, as there are many times when we ride on the bike just to break out, when we just want to stress out and let ourselves be surrounded by all the nature that can makes our soul feel calm . Would not it all be so much better if we had our partner with us?

    Let’s look at some reasons to help you convince your other half to follow you on your cycling tours.
    It will make you lose enough weight, push yourself, improve your physical condition and generally see your life and body from a completely different eye. Just mention your girlfriend that since you started working out, you realized that your body looks way more different and healthier.

    Cycling in the city will lead you to places you did not think there are, as with a bicycle you can travel far longer than walking, but also navigate to places where the car does not have access. You can discover new places together, the fancy restaurant you were reading about and you couldn’t reach by car and the most romantic café that you didn’t know it was located there.

    You will meet great people who will all have the same passion and madness with you. Regardless of their social class, the bicycle brings together many different people that you would not otherwise know. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, vendors, industrialists, all share the same madness. You can just be all around these great people who just want to have fun on the bike, just like you.

    Be sure that your other half loves you as you are, but if he sees you on one of the classic bicycles he will love you a little more. Biking is a sexy sport, as it makes our body looks way more beautiful.

    You will spend much more time together. You both feel really pressed by the many hours you spend at the office and you finally meet each other only at night. If you start cycling today, your common time will be increased a lot.

    You will be a truly inspiration for your children as they see you ride on the bike and have fun. What’s funnier than a family riding all together in the countryside? There will be given a lot of opportunities to you, to become the source of inspiration for your kids and maybe you may raise the next champion. It is very wise showing our kids that sports can only lead us to a great way of life by keeping us in a great shape.

    The most important thing though, is showing your lover that you really love biking and that you want to share this passion with him. You want to show him the benefits of riding a bike, the magic way that it clears your mind and that it eventually make you a happy person.

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