Bellahuston Park Traithlon

2018 National Youth Triathlon Championships, 16 June

It was a cold, wet start to the day at Bellahousten park, which has almost never happened at this event. After we arrived and registered, we went to reccie a loop of the bike route and found out there was a few slipppy corners we would have to be careful on when we were racing. As most of us were not racing until late afternoon, after the race briefing we set up a gazzebo and some camp chairs and watched the younger age groups race.

The first person from E#3 to race was Max Stobie who is in Tristar1. He had a great race, finishing 32 with a time of 23.33. Next was his brother Rory Stobie, Tristar2, who had a strong swim coming out in 3rd place and working hard on the bike and run finishing 12th in his age group out of 50.

From Tristar3 boys, Sam Glass came out of the swim in 1st place with Rory Munn close behind. As they went out on the bike, Jared Stobie and Ian Dunlop were coming out of the swim, and both had speedy transitions. They all had strong bikes despite the horrible weather and slippy conditions. They all finished with good times, Sam Glass(29.41) who was 4th in his age group, Rory Munn(31.14), Jared Stobie(34.49) and Ian Dunlop(36.19).

As the youth race began the weather started to clear up and the bike and run courses became less slippy. From the boys we had Cameron Fordice and Ritchie Gardiner racing. Cameron was 8th out the swim, closely followed by Ritchie, who overtook him on the bike but Cameron stayed close behind. The both had good runs and finished close together, Cameron(36.56) and Ritchie(36.41). In the last heat of the day we had Rosie Mitchell, Sophie Nisbet, Sarah Fyffe and Lauren Blair racing. Sarah came out the swim in first place , followed by Rosie and Lauren and then Sophie, who did 2 extra laps on the swim. Everyone had a good bike but the run was challenging as there were a few hills and the ground was still slippy from the rain earlier. Sarah struggled on the run, and unfortunately couldn’t finish but Sophie, Lauren and Rosie all finished with good times, Rosie(39.48), Sophie(42.52) and Lauren(42.18).

Everyone had a good race despite the weather and it was a great day. Well done to all!