If you are a non-member before coming to a session please complete the membership form on the membership page and send it to info@edinburgh3.com


There are currently 6 sessions a week

Session 1 – Monday 8-9pm (Age 13+)


A swim session focused on speed work.

Location – Stewarts Melville School


Session 2 – Tuesday 7-8pm 

Bike Turbo session

This takes place at Drumbrae Leisure Centre through Autumn and Winter.  During Spring and summer we change to an outdoor session (this session is paid for)

Location – Drumbrae



Session 3 – Wednesday 7-8pm


Location – Stewarts Melville

Open to all but for <13’s an adult must run with them


Session 4 – Wednesday -8-9pm (Age 13+)


Location – Stewarts Melville

A threshold-focused session


Session 5 – Sunday 4.30-5.30pm


Location – Stewarts Melville

Session 6 – Sunday 5:45-6:45pm


Location – Stewarts Melville

Skills focused