If you are a non member before coming to a session please complete the membership form on the membership page and send it to info@edinburgh3.com


There are currently 7 sessions a week


Session 1 – Saturday 2.30-4.30pm

Swim, Gym and Run session (every 4th week the run is replaced with a bike session)

This is at Forrester High School

Session 2 – Sunday 6.30-7.30pm (Age 13+)


A swim session focused on speed work.

This is at Drumbrae Leisure Centre


Session 3 – Monday 6.00-7.00pm


A track session at Saughton



Session 4 – Tuesday 8.30-9.30pm (Age 13+)


Ainslie Leisure Centre

Endurance focused session




Session 5 – Wednesday 7-8pm


During the winter this is at Mary Erskine school.  Meet at the astroturf pitch.

During the summer it takes place at Ravelston Park

Session 6 – Wednesday 8.30-9.30pm


A skills focused session
This is at Forrester High School

Age 13+

Session 7 – Thursday 7.15-8.15pm (Age 13+)

Bike Turbo session

This takes place at Drumbrae Leisure Centre through Autumn and Winter.  During Spring and summer we change to an outdoor ride