Stirling Race Report – Millie Nisbet

Stirling Aquathon race report

The Stirling Aquathon was a great experience for me because it was a fun and enjoyable event to go to, but also a bit of a challenge when I was racing!

Once our family had arrived at around 8:30am, we registered and my Mum (who was doing an aqua bike for the first time) went to set up her transition. Not long after, me and my sister Sophie went to set up our transition area.

After meeting the Mitchells and the Fordyces there was a little splash of rain so it was a tiny bit wet. So Sophie, Rosie and myself went to poolside to stay warm! We were also watching other people racing, like my mum.

Then the nerves were starting to kick in. My race was about to start and I was standing at the edge of the pool with my bright yellow cap with my goggles on my head, biting my nails! I did a quick warm-up and then I was off. I was swimming in lane 5 with four other swimmers. I was the last person to start in my lane but by the time I had finished my 250 meter swim I had overtaken two people in my lane. I climbed out of the pool and whipped my cap and goggles off. Transition here I come!

My transition time was 23 seconds but looking back on it I felt that I could have gone a bit faster. There is always room for improvement.

The run was really hard. I thought the course was shorter than it was but I just had to grin and bear it and do two laps of the course. I had dropped my pace quite a bit because I was super tired but I ended with a sprint finish and took over one person in my heat down the finish line!

All I needed was a big hug from my dad and there he was at the finish line. And the goodie bag was great, it was just what I needed. I was thinking about what would be inside it when I was running!! I got: a bottle of water, a marshmallow square, a packet of pickled onion space raider crisps, a mini strawberry flavoured Maoam and an apple.

Then I finished watching Sophie, Rosie and Cameron finish their race. We then watched all of them (including my mum) being handed a trophy on the podium. What a great day!