Monthly archives: August 2018

Aberfeldy Middle Distance Triathlon

Dave’s Report from Aberfeldy where he won his age group to become Scottish Champion Not a great start in the Aberfeldy Middle Distance Triathlon on 19-August 2018, awaking to rain at 5:30am and 11⁰C as a light breakfast was eaten before heading off to T2 to drop off training shoes […]

European Sprint Age Groups, Glasgow

2018 European Age Groups Sprint Distance Wednesday 8th August – opening ceremony The ceremony was held in George Square, Glasgow. It was filled with a massive stage and 2 big televisions showing the diving that was on at that moment. It also had lots of food stalls and merchandise and […]

Bellahuston Park Traithlon

2018 National Youth Triathlon Championships, 16 June It was a cold, wet start to the day at Bellahousten park, which has almost never happened at this event. After we arrived and registered, we went to reccie a loop of the bike route and found out there was a few slipppy […]

Arran Half Ironman

Arran half ironman, 2nd June 2018 – Kirst MacArthur I’m not quite sure how or why I ended up registering for this event?! A moment of madness I think…Having completed the French etape in 2015 I was fairly sure that would be my last big one. The volume of training […]